Pharmacy Services

The main award-winning pharmacy for Southcentral Foundation (SCF) customer/owners is located on the first floor of the Anchorage Native Primary Care Center (ANPCC). Beyond simply filling medication orders for SCF customers, the pharmacy provides a number of related services. These include:

Customer consultations: Customers get to speak with a pharmacist in person when they pick up their prescriptions. Both verbal and printed instructions are provided for each customer.

Prescription mailings: Customers can choose to have their medications mailed directly to their homes, rather than pick them up at the pharmacy.

Provider consultations: Clinic providers and nurses can consult with pharmacists at any time regarding medications.

Barcode-driven automation: Internal pharmacy system improves safety and prevents medication errors.
Automated refill line (in cooperation with Alaska Native Medical Center hospital outpatient pharmacy): Allows customers to obtain medication refills with maximum convenience.

Besides the services that are available at the main pharmacy downstairs, pharmacy services are also provided at several other locations:

Family Medicine Clinic and Behavioral Health Service (ANPCC): on-site pharmacists can fill orders using electronic entry and pneumatic tube delivery.

Anticoagulation Clinic: Located at Family Medicine Clinic, specialized pharmacist consults with providers from all over campus regarding anticoagulation therapy.

Smoking Cessation Clinics: Pharmacists provide information about various medication aids to smoking cessation.


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Clinic hours

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