Facility Renovation Project

It is the goal of ANMC's Maternal Child Health Services to achieve an exceptional health care experience for the women, children and families we serve. As part of this commitment, we’re underway with a major reconstruction project on the Maternal Child Health Services facilities.

We hope this fact sheet helps answer questions that may arise about the renovation project and provide a better understanding of what you can expect once it is complete.

Q. Which areas will undergo reconstruction?
A. The ANMC Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Inpatient Pediatrics and the Mother/Baby Unit are all part of the renovation project.

Q. How is the project funded?
A. Nearly $12.5 million will be spent to improve the Maternal Child Health facilities at ANMC. The majority of the project is funded by Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium as part of its commitment to enhance safety and the overall hospital experience.

Q. What improvements are being made as a result of these renovations?
A. The renovation project will improve safety and increase ANMC’s capacity to care for customer-owners.  In addition, the project will incorporate evidenced-based facility design to enhance the overall healing environment of the current space. Specific improvement include:

• Four new private Mother/Baby rooms
• Additional space for labor and delivery rooms
• More privacy in the OB Triage area
• Shorter waits to move from OB Triage to labor and delivery
• Additional space for C-section delivery rooms
• Nurses stations closer to Mother/Baby rooms
• Six new infant beds in the NICU
• Additional space for families and visitors in the Mother/Baby Unit and NICU
• Inviting and calming color schemes and designs in Mother/Baby Unit
• Kid-friendly decorations and designs in the Pediatrics Unit
• New pediatric playroom for kids and their families
• New pediatric procedure room
• And more!

Q. How many beds are in the new units?
A. The new NICU doubles the space and now offers 12 infant beds. In addition to the increased number of beds, there is more space around each bed for families to gather and visit. Inpatient Pediatrics will offer 19 total beds, which can all be converted to PICU beds, as needed.

The Mother/Baby Unit now has 16 rooms and 27 total beds. The construction will cause a temporary decrease in available private rooms, but we will work to avoid using shared rooms whenever possible. It is our goal to completely eliminate the use of shared rooms in the Mother/ Baby Unit by fall 2014.

Q. When will these renovations be complete?
A. The last renovations are scheduled for completion in fall 2014. However, the project is divided into phases, and many of the areas will be finished before then.

Q. Which areas are finished and ready for use?
A. Four new private Mother/Baby rooms have been completed and are being used. The new NICU is also complete and open.

Q. What are the next steps in the renovation project?
A. Over the next couple months, construction will focus on the OB Triage area near Labor and Delivery. In March, OB Triage moved to a temporary location nearby so the construction can begin. By April, construction will be underway, and work will also begin on the various nursing stations throughout the new areas.

Click HERE for timelines that detail milestones for Pediatrics/ PICU and the remainder of the Mother/Baby Unit.   

Q. How will the construction affect locations of services?
A. Construction will result in the temporary relocation of a few areas. Signs will be posted to help customer-owners and visitors find their way around, and a customer service representative will be available near the area to help minimize confusion.

Thank you for your continued feedback during this process! These improvements are based on input from customer-owners and employees that has helped create clinical and other services to ensure a complete, convenient and quality experience. 

Please contact Sandy Haldane at slhaldane@anthc.org or (907) 306-4533 to set up a tour time that is convenient for you, or to share your ideas, questions and experiences.